Things to consider before buying plus size dresses

For a fact, there is no size which is considered the starting point for plus size dresses. This actually varies from one store to another. The quality and the type of plus size clothing is varied. There are certain points to be taken care of while selecting plus size wear. First and foremost, each woman has her own body type. There is hardly a size which will fit anyone and everyone. However, there are five given shapes – pear, apple, hourglass, rectangular and petite which one can choose from.

Dresses to suit a pear shaped body

For a pear shaped body, the concerned lady should be bottom heavy and not weighty at the top region.  The neck is somewhat thin, the shoulders and back are a bit on the narrower side, and the waistline and bust are on the medium scale. However, most of the weight of the person is around the thighs, calves and the posterior side. The body shape, overall, is triangular. For such type of figure, the dress should be one which focuses on the top region while eyes away from the heavy bottom. Thus, an outfit which accentuates the neckline is a good option to consider.

Dresses for an apple shaped body

An overall apple shape in the figure is usually rounded all over with the waist being wider than the hips and shoulders. The facial and neck regions are wider than the posterior part of the body. This shape is also referred as the inverted triangle in which the legs and hips are somewhat on the narrower side. The best kind of dress to clothe such a figure is one in which the lower part of the body gets focused on. Try to pick up clothes which fit loosely around the middle part of the body. Silk and cotton clothes will bode well. One should also go in for small prints in place of big and flashy ones.

Dresses for an hourglass figure

This is type of figure which most females wish for. Since such a body is one which most ladies want to show off, it is best to wear dresses which fit well. The basic attention of the dress should be centered around the waistline of the concerned lady. Even wearing a belt with the dress is a good idea since the waist can be seen more clearly.

Rectangular body type dresses

For this type of figure, it is an A-line dress which can be very flattering. Since with this there are some flowing moments around the whole dress theme, it can add on some charisma to the overall personality of the wearer.

Petite body type

Do not wear very flowy dresses in which the female will look totally overwhelmed by the whole ambience of the garment. Do not wear dresses with horizontal stripes as this makes a person’s height appear even lesser than what it actually is. Even big-size prints can look bigger on a small person.

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