The must have fashion watches to complete your look

Watches this year have a distinct ring to them. They are a bit on the minimalist side. The design and the format in them has not been overdone and nor is it very blingy or showy. Rather, it is on the muted side. Something sedate, something sober. Nor are there crystals galore embedded in them, and even the color of the dial is something pastel and gentle. This style of watches is what in totally ‘in’ these days.
These type of watches are considered very much the right type for all classes of people. They some unite everyone with everyone else. Also, for women, it is the classic style which is back in focus. It is a simple watch, so to say. These do not have much of décor in them, they are simple and sweet, and elegant to the boot. The dials too, are those which very much conform to the norm – that is they are oval, circular or square in shape.
Going back to the future in watches
Within the spectrum of which colors are running riot this year for the dials, it is the rose gold shade which is a totally happening one. Also, the perennial white and gold are still contending for their spot in the sun. A newish trend, which is very visible on the fashion radar this year, is the onset of very futuristic style of fashion watches. These are pieces which seem as though they come from some a time which is yet to come. Such is their ‘different’ style of fashion sense.
Wear them as big as is possible
Another latest fad is to wear huge sized watches. Those which conform to the norm are no longer hip. Wear something big and gigantic and you are sure to have heads turn in your direction. Though the watches should not be very outlandish in their appeal, however, they should be of an order which is simplistic, yet, big.
Another happening new trend is to wear smart watches. This is not to say that the watch by very tuned out of the normal range. However, it should be something which spells smartness. Again, this does not mean going so much out of the ordinary that it repels the eye and the soul. This basically stands for a watch which has class, yet seems like something which talks of success.
Double up functionality with décor value
For women, another newbie lookout for type of watch is the watch cum bracelet. In this, the band could be fashioned out of pearls. Or it could be a nylon thick string which is all pink in color- Anything, anything which could make the piece double up as a piece of jewelry as well in place of just being a time teller. This way, its overall functionality will vastly improve along with giving it a new meaning as being a cross between something of utility and something of decorative value.


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