Five new party dress trends everyone should try

These are the foremost party trends which everyone should try out:

  1. First and foremost is the trend to wear metallics -Metallic shirts, trousers, skirts, tops – whatever be your choice of clothing but go metallic! Is the way to be these days. Though this is a throwback to the era of the eighties, however it is back with a real bang. Also, these no more considered as bright or blingy but are thought of as good numbers to be worn at parties. Be it gold, copper, silver or any color with a metallic touch to it, they all are raging hot these days.
  2. The one shoulder dress had been placed on the backburner for a while. Now, it is tumbling out of all closets again. Its USP is that it makes the wearer look very fashionable and trendy. Thus, its charm had never really faded away. Now, it is back in action as one of the hot numbers which a woman can wear with aplomb. Also, it is the disco leggings which are coming in again. It really seems as if fashion trends go around in circles sometimes. What was in fashion does come back into the scene after every few years!
  3. Wearing t-shirts or even shirts with some kind of a message written on them are here to stay. Though these never really go out of style, there are times when they are seen around more than at other times. Well this is the time when one can actually freak out on such type of upper wear. Whether it is a single word, or a full one liner which is imprinted on them, it is the written t-shirt which everyone seems to be sporting these days.
  4. Ruffles in shirts, skirts, every which where literally were considered passé a few months ago. They were thought of as something one used to wear in an era long gone. Well, corrections are needed on this one score………ruffles are thought of as extremely fashionable and just the thing to do to amp up your dress’ style quotient by a few notches. These could be in the same color as the main one in your dress or it could be in a contrasting shade to lend in more of an aura to the overall getup of the garment.
  5. Color blocking is `in’ in a very big way. It is no more of going subtle in the basic theme of party dressing. One should go all out to splash around contrasting shades in one’s set of clothes which you are dressing in for a night out in the city. Reds with blacks, blues with pinks, oranges with yellows, greens and whites – one can think of any number of combinations and all seem to look good if one wears one’s dress with the right dose of confidence and a spirit of positivity. This is all that matters – that one has oodles of self-confidence in what one is wearing, and you are ready for the show!


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