5 stylish party outfits for men

  1. When it comes to spelling class and fashion for men, there are a few basic ground rules. The first is wearing the plain and simple shirt, though it is expensive to the boot. Whichever be its color, whether black or white or any other shade, it has to be a simple and neat cut which is crisp and clear. Team it up with a pair of good old jeans from a good make withn a stylish Mondaine Watches, and one is good to go for any social do in town. Also, if you throw in a pair of leather boots to seal the deal, you will be the talking point for all the females at the get together, no doubt!
  2. White is a color which is eternal in its charm. If you decide to go all-white, and especially during a daytime soiree, you are pretty much sorted out in the fashion department. Then all that remains is  your self –confidence and charm which will see you through during the time out with friends or colleagues. One can even team white with other pastel shades and the overall effect will be the same – one where the style factor really rockets up.
  3. For a trendy look, one can opt for a pair of dark colored jeans with a really eye-catching jacket. If one dresses in this manner, you are really in a safe zone because you are not over-dressed and neither are you casually dressed. The jeans make you look like something of a rake in this whole do, while the jacket takes care of the style x-factor. Due to the jacket, you do not look as if you are just out to have some fun without being serious about the occasion itself.
  4. A pair of suspenders keep coming and going from the fashion scene. Sometimes one sees them all over the place and then, in the next month or so, they have just totally disappeared from the whole façade. Whatever be the case, it is important to have at least one pair of suspenders with you all the time. In this manner, you can be trendy and hip and can even become the trend-setter for the moment. These look simple, elegant and stylish and can be worn for an evening or even an afternoon out on the circuit.
  5. Men, too sometimes wish to try out different colors. It is not all wrong to go in for some other colors than the white, blue, and black brigade. Try to have a different combination and see if it works out for you. However, do try it before the big day so that you have a good idea of how it looks beforehand. There is no point in trying to make a style statement and ending up looking like a Christmas tree in its place. Be wise and practical about the colors you choose, though one can experiment. Like mentioned before, test the look out before stepping out in it.

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